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Sky Shed Ransu


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All days work, and got done only this little piece of metal.

Pier adapter, robust neanderthal model :hello2:

Made of 3 pcs dn50 pipe flanges and M20 bolts.

Weight abt 15kgs..

Welded in place.


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Grand opening today:hello2:

I got done inside walls plywood covering and assembled equatorial head to the pier. I update also door handle better matching model. And add some old carpets:D

Still have to wait this month untill first dark night's here. But no worry, i'm happy that i get this done fast. Btw today was very hot day here, max temp was 32C and still 25C at 10pm.

I don't have any electricity yet in shed, but it is easy to add later.

I have 17Ah powertank to give power.

Equatorial head, Celestron Cgem and partly diy saddle for main instrument and guiding scope.


One of main telescopes, TS 250mm f5 imaging Newton, havent try it yet to deep sky, so it's waiting first light.


Next set up, Equinox 120 and ST80 quiderscope


Little William Optics ZS80 and ST80


And last but not least:

My oldest and most loved instrument, C8 with Celestron 102/660 guiderscope.



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Nice setups you have there!

On a practical note, speaking from experience, if you're mainly imaging, paint the inside of your obsy a light colour (mine are light grey)....it makes it much easier to find things in the dark.......you're not looking through eyepieces so dark walls etc are unnecessary.



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Roof opening mechanism.

Roof of my shed is guite heavy, made by purpose because of wintertime snow. Anyway i wanted it to be more easy to open and close and build winch based opening mechanism.

Main parts are 20€ boat winch, rope and 3 rope sheaves.

Turning clockwise roof opens and other way it closes.

I added one plate by welding to separate opening and closing ropes. Actually there is only one rope, locked to roof frame by 2 screw. (last picture)

Difficult to explain, but pictures hopefully tells better:)

Winch and rope sheaves


Modified winch.


Roof open.


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could you get away with an un-modified winch ? - simply making the cable system a loop and looping the cable (or rope) around the winch drum a few times so that moves the rope rather than filling the drum.. if you follow my logic

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I think you need a few turns around the drum for the cable / rope to get enough grip. With a simple half turn it would probably just slip.

Oh and yes, the scope needs to parked first. ;-)

The rain sensor would have to send that command...

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I've thought a bit about this sort of thing as well but I won't be doing anything about it until I've got everything built and can see how much effort is needed to open and close the roof. I like the idea of electric operation :)

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Thanks Spaceboy! My shed just closed for tonight, i made polar alignment for CGEM and equinox get tour of double stars, nothing else to see here yet. Everything works fine and i enjoyed abt 15 "twins". I used 3.8mm baader eudiascopic. Very nice views:)

I tried also M13 and M57, but didn't see anything, too much light.

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Almost finished Finnish observatory now:D

Outside now:


I lifted EQ head 250mm, height is good now for Refractors and C8, with newtonian i need to use chair.

I used M20 threated bar and "long nuts" to make it rigid.


Today was rainy and i done some teenage tuning for my

guidescopes, SW ST80 and Celestron 102/660


Fisheye view from upwards:


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Thats a very nice setup, how do you find that celestron cgem mount ?


Sorry Nadeem, i think i misunderstand your question:D

I have only short experience of CGEM, my earlier mount was CG5-GT. So far i'm happy with new one, and comparing these two CGEM is:

+much more solid

+better building quality

+goto is way more accurate, last night i done again polar aligning and watched binary stars, goto shows 90% star in field of view using 5mm Baader eudiascopic eyepiece and Equinox 120

+goto is quiet

+polar aling possibility with any star. I have used that one, because of light nights. Can't see Polaris and big dipper stars witn N.E yet.


-hand controller cable is 1/2 meter too short. I have to find extension for that.

So far i'm happy, i don't have experience of Skywatcher or other manufacturers goto mount's so i can't make comparing to them.

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