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I am a budding Astrophotographer with lots of data.


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I have built an 8" Dob from the ground up. I have set my beauty up on an Equatorial. She is manual. Purpose being I wanted to navigate my way around the skies before I went to automation(which I am building right now in my garage).

I made a crude mount for my POS ponit and shoot camera, then I tore apart a webcam and removed the CCD to adapt it to my eyepiece. I utilize AMcap as my capture software. Here is where I get frutrated. I have tons of raw data regarding the moon, Saturn and Jupiter. I have watched tutorials on tutorials regarding Registax and Photoshop but I never get a good final result. 1 problem i face is that my scope has to be manually adjusted while I fine tune parameters on the attached computer. that being said i have some erradict movement in my AVIs.

I am asking if someone is willing to take some of my data and to see if they can clean it up for me?

The people that have seen my work think thatit is awesome but I have seen better from worse on tutorials.

Can someone help?

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Why HELLO to everyone! What a surprise to have all these salutations. Tony69 has already graciously tried some magic on some photos. To all again Hello! and I cant wait to get great advice and to make new friends. However this site is relatively large and to navigate will be tricky. How do i post an image of my telescope for reply purposes?

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