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moon wobble in video :)


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a friend just pointed out this link to me:

Video: Year of Moon Motion in 2.5 Minutes | Wired Science | Wired.com

from the article:

"Many claim to see a man in the moon, but now an animation has been made that showcases a year’s worth of moon movements in less than three minutes."

thought it might interest everyone else around here too. :)



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"...this may be a silly question, but why does the moon wobble like that?"

As far as I know, there are no silly questions, (but stupid answers are quite frequent!).

To whit:

I thought I knew what caused libration (It "had" to be because of Earth's reciprocal gravitational pull on the Moon), but I googled it to confirm. Good thing too because I was so far off, had I answered that, I would have come off looking like a perfect dolt!

(Another reason why "stupid" questions are'nt. They sometimes force us to correct our misconceptions).

There are actually three kinds of librations (wobbles) that affect the Moon. Here all explained in excruciating detail:


Take care

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