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Lunar Eclipse - what we missed


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What do you mean missed? I had a really nice spot to frame my photo with a nice clear horizon and old windmill as a character feature. The eclipse is there somewhere, just behind all that cloud...


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Start and highlight : clouds and of course too low above the horizon. As the moon was climbing

there were still clouds, but it started to break open....with only a quarter or so in the shadow it was visible.....

Took a picture with my Fuji S2000HD just handheld...


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I used to do things like that decades ago when using film, darkroom and paper :) Everyone's spoilt these days. LOL Actually, I love digital photography. Lovely not being limited by 36 exposures on a film and running out of film at a critical moment. OK so I've filled memory cards and also run out of battery when out on a trip but that's after hundreds of shots ;) To think of the hundreds of hours I spent in a hot, damp and rather cramped darkroom to produce perhaps a dozen or so photos per session :)

Oh, and cloudy here too :p

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