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6/16/11 Lunar Eclipse Images from a newbie

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Today I finally realized: :)

  • Need to save to get a good camera ;)
  • Need to have a universal digital camera adapter :p
  • Need to learn to drink coffee to stay awake :)
  • or better yet - just subscribe to NASA Hubble images or to nightfisher's page on Stargazers Lounge and who knows - he might consider selling his TAL 100RS to me in the future :)






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Wow! Thank you to all! :)

who could have imagined a simple thing like this would solicit any notes from esteemed people here.

All I ever wanted to do was,

see the moon turns to red and take some afocal

with my poor and old 3.2 PowerShot

and my shaking hands.

Apart from that,

I tried not to fall asleep, but couldn't keep my eyes open at all times. :eek:

I never actually expected it to be that hard, really.

AND it was hard.

I thought i could capture the full moon in all red, but maybe

weather and equipment matters.

"When the going gets tough,

the going gets rough."

On the bright note, these were taken with a Japanese 6" mirror f/5

but using bare hands instead of a fixed universal digital camera adapter,

I had to go around the telescope in circle, to angle the camera in all ways.

Anyway, thanks to all. B)

See you again in the next total lunar eclipse.

If I didn't fall asleep :mad:

God speed everyone! :)

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