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Shadow on the Moon


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Yes, I see what you mean. What camera do you use for lunar imaging? Your images are very detailed and pin sharp, have you upgraded the focuser on the C11? The reason that I'm asking is that I've just bought a C9.25 and I'd like to do some lunar imaging. I'm looking to upgrade the focuser on the C9.25 and to buy a better camera than the Phillips one that I'm using at the moment.

Thank you.

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I have a JMI motocryford for lunar/planetary/solar focusing. For imaging I'm using deep IR filters (RG850 in this case for f/10 and f/20) to limit the seeing and mono cameras (Basler Ace used in this case).... later, after the eclipse I'll put all images. Some are better than those two :)

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Checked for that formation, its around the crater RICCIOLI. It seems you've caught the light just right, so that it looks like two ranges merge into one. Just a " line-of-sight" optical effect.


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