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Lunar eclipse - telescope?

Tim Armes

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To see the lunar eclipse from my location I'll need to drive up to the top of the mountain behind my house, then take a 15min walk up to the peak.

That's fine, but I'm wondering if I'll get any benefit taking my 200mm dob with me. It'd be a pain to carry up (there's two of us, so it's possible, just awkward).

So, is the telescope going to be useful, or is there nothing particularly interesting to see close up? I don't have binoculars, before anyone suggests that....


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Yes, I think a low power view through a scope would be worth the haul. If it's as dark as some people are suggesting, a scope will obviously make it far easier to see detail on the surface. If you're set-up for imaging, you should be able to get some good shots at prime focus.

Weather forecast is not good unfortunately (in the UK at least)

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