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Tube weight for a Refractor

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The bottom end of my refractor carries quite a load,and i normally compensate by sliding the tube further up in its rings,however i would rather have the tube central to the mounts dovetail boss.So i,m looking for a sliding weight,that would fix around the tube,like a tube ring,and maybe has a threaded bar at right angles with a weight that its self has a threaded hole to make fine adjustments.

I suppose i could make one myself.but wondered if anybody has seen,anything like this commercially.



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Hi Mick

These were very popular with the old refractors of yore from the big victorian fixed scopes right up to the Unitrons of the 50s and 60s but the popularity of shorter apos these seem to have lost popularity.

There are several on the market for Schmitt Casses an I reckon they could be modified to fit a refractor in some way. Maybe get a couple of tube rings to suit your refractor tube and fit the SCT weights to those. Then you can position the tube weight assembly any where you want it or take it off completely.


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