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Big Scope, Little Scope

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I have 102mm and 125mm scopes which are pretty portable and 152mm and 250mm ones which can be moved around easily enough but I would not want to carry them far. I've tried a few 80mm grab and go's but ultimately I find that aperture limiting so 102mm is where the fun stars for me :)

Okay you've convinced me 102mm it is with a big dob!:)

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C11 (Thanks Stuart) with a WO 90 piggybacked. I just love the contrasting views widefield on the 90 and close up detail with the 11. I also have on loan from Sunderland astro a Darkstar 12 inch dob which to be honest is used just as a grab and go in the garden when I am short on time. The WO66 is sitting unloved at the moment but will be used on the Astrotrac in due course.

Roll on Dalby when the toys will be played with (weather permitting this year).

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Thanks to you all for your replies, most of which have convinced me that I need another (bigger) scope! The line up would then be:

  1. (Existing) 60mm refractor for grab and go when time is short or conditions are marginal.
  2. (Existing) 100mm refractor for when I have a bit more time and seeing conditions are better.
  3. (New) 200mm reflector for when I have a bit more time and seeing is excellent.

I want something light enough to be easy to set up on my GiroIII, and like the idea of quickish cool down and no dew so maybe a Mewlon 210 or a Vixen VMC200L is on the cards in the future.


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