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too many pics??


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hi all

I seem to have reached my quota of 50 meg of pics on the site (mainly due to my illustrated guides to my mods etc).

does anyone know how you go about deleting unwanted pics from old threads (e.g. completed items sold) when the part of the thread they are on cannot be edited?



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It would be a real shame to render those old threads useless by removing the images.

Perhaps you can be granted extra space on the bases that the images are useful to the community?

If not, perhaps you should upload al future images to Flickr, and link to them from here?


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I know I find it distracting also, and much prefer them posted on the site directly. hmm I agree with Tim prehaps you should be allocated extra space in order to preserve the content and nature of the threads that contain your pictures. Although, like Tim and I suggest..uploading them to another site might be an alternative?

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