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Transit of Venus - 2012

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Steven I have had a reply from Paul Haley and he is happy to release the video but says that it needs to come from the production company. I have sent an email to Matt at Artaura so if all is OK I will send you a private message so you can discuss arrangements with Matt direct.

I found the DVD last night and its 8 minutes long and I have a few more grey hairs since 2004!!!

Hope to send a message to you shortly.


Mark, this is great! Thanks for pursuing. Looking forward to it.

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Just to let you know - the interactive page of the Transit of Venus Project's website, where you can compute the local times of contact for any of the 1639-2125 transits of Venus, has been updated and looks really cool now:

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Well personally I want to use my PST with a DMK21. It will need to be that for the superior fps which will be important for decent stills.

And cheers to the topic starter for the link and info!

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cool that's great , thank you !

Got my spot marked out - will be making enquiries re camping at Ravenscar nr Whitby . Has a superb N by NE view of the horizon over the North Sea, As long as it's clear , should get about the last 1 1/2 hrs of the transit

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