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autoguiding using the SPC900NC

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Hello - I am thinking of looking into using the SPC900NC for guiding my EQ5 synscan mount.

I was wondering what is used to connect the laptop to the mount to drive the mount? What cable is used? Are drivers needed etc etc.

Thanks for your help,


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Hi - thanks for the response.

I am aware of the ST-4 cable but I was also thinking about suitable adapters for the ST-4. For example I was reading about GPUSB or EQMod. Can either of these be used. If I use EQMod can I still use the synscan handpiece?



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Just put your sysncan in PC-Direct mode and use EQMOD. Set your guide application to guide using ASCOM Pulseguiding rather than ST-4.

If you use EQMOD you don't need the synscan for any other purpose than as a glorified PC-Mount adapter.


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