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hello !

Vali x

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hey there. i am new to this website, this looks like a great place to get info and suggestions! good to be here. about me: 31, married,no kids,located in Montreal, Canada, working too much ! :)) 65-75 hrs per week; i like astronomy, at what level ! dont know yet, i am still looking. i what to buy a telescope, but i need to answer to my question if i would like what i can see on the finder ! weird, i know ! pretty much covers

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Welcome to SGL.

Have a good look around the forums here, there is lots of good advice, anything you're not sure about, just ask and you will get plenty of helpful and friendly suggestions.

Enjoy your time with us.

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Welcome Vali. If you are worried about what you might see through the eyepiece, you might find that a trip to your local astronomy club would be worthwhile, where you should be able to have a look through members' scopes. Most things, apart from stars and planets, are dim fuzzy grey objects even through large amateur telescopes; if that doesn't float your boat then maybe astrophotography will (but it comes at a cost, not only $$ but time - and it doesn't sound like you have a lot of that ;-)

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hey guys ! thanks for the warm welcome. indeed Mallux, astrophotography will take away whatever free time i have...i am still pending, here, even tough it supposed to be summer, the sky is still cloudy and it rains a lot ! bummer !!

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