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EQ3-2 alignment issue!

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On this wet and dreary day I have decided to get to grips with using the setting circles on my EQ3-2 mount. Everything seems ok but nowhere does it tell you when and when not to tighten or loose the set screw on the RA axis?? Can someone put me right please?

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I think I've understood your question.

To use the setting circles first have a star of known co-ordinates in your view and loosen the set screw on the RA axis. Then set the circles to the known co-ordinates, with the set screw still loosened move your scope to the co-ordinates of the object you want to view. Now tighten the set screw so that the setting stays put while you track. To go to the next object loosen the set screw and continue as before.

Once you have done it in the field it is really very easy.

Just a note, don't expect to be spot on when moving to a new object but you should find that your new object is in the FOV of a low power EP.


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notice you use a Telrad finder, any comments on using it please? Considering getting one.

When I first had my scope I found it really hard finding anything with the supplied 8x30 finder. I put a few feelers out on this forum and the general consensus was that either a Telrad or Rigel was the way to go. I chose for the Telrad as that was what my supplier stocked and have been extremely pleased with it. It is really easy to use and there are loads of charts on the web that have the Telrad markings on them. You can also superimpose the target on Stellarium.

Any thing else I can answer, just ask.


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Thanks Alan, may well get a Telrad, also looking to upgrade from a SW 130P to a SW150PDS as soon as funds allow!

Clear skies and good luck with the eclipse tonight!

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