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Lunar Eclipse: 15th June


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It's cleared up. :):hello2::):hello2:

Chicken and Leek pie on hold, beers back in the fridge and I'm going to play with my new camera. Good thing I checed a couple of locations earlier, not the best but it'll do.

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The eclipsed part of the Moon is showing very slight red colouration, hopefully we will have a nice dark red total!

All the previous Lunar Eclipses I have viewed have been a let down as regards to colour or they have been clouded out.

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I've been watching on the helideck. It is currently in totality, as are the clouds!.

Ooops, I think I was mistaken, so much cloud it was hard to tell.

Stars visible above me, but an annoying string of clouds passing across the moon, only allowing occasional glimpses, at the moment.

No chance to train the camera on anything, but I'll not give up!

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This isn't even funny any more, this marks the third eclipse I have missed so far due to the UK's rubbish weather :)

21 Dec 2010 Lunar Eclipse - cloud

04 Jan 2011 Partial Solar Eclipse - cloud

15 Jun 2011 Lunar Eclipse - cloud

And even worse, I have family staying in Italy, with clear, dark skies! AARGGHH!

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Just caught a glimpse at 10.40pm with some mini binoculars. The moon was only visible for 10 seconds in a gap in the clouds. Shadow was almost gone but still covering about 20%.

Better than nothing

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