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What's too much magnification?

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I have recently bought 2 very good second hand TV radian EP's, a 10mm and a 6mm. While observing Saturn through my E-Lux 40mm plossl the view is good but not that much detail. Switching to the 10mm radian there is more detail and quite good contrast. However when using the 6mm radian the contrast not that good and the whole thing looked quite grainy. As the 6mm gives me 340x magnification, are my viewing results to be expected at that magnification? By the way, I live in a town with a fair deal of light pollution. Thanks, Alan.

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340x is way beyond the usual seeing conditions in the UK . 200x - 250x is usually possible but more often than not only allows for a flighting second that perfect image. Others may disagree but I think you would be better off selling the 6mm and getting a 25 mm EP instead.

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I agree with Spaceboy on this - 340x will only be of use under superb conditions and quite rarely. It can be useful on binary stars though.

For planetary viewing I find 180x - 240x the most effective (my largest scope is a 10") with the lower figure being the one most commonly employed.

The Radians are excellent eyepieces but can't improve the seeing conditions, unfortunately.

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I would agree with Spaceboy. Your 'seeing' conditions will vary wildly through the year and dropping magnification for clarity / contrast is probably the way to go.

Having a choice of ep's for our mixed seiing conditions (when the cloud god is not around) is the smart way.

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