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South West Astronomy Fair 2011

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Just a question and a possible suggestion:

Could the SWAF be a camping event.

Not expecting a full week or anything but say Friday night and Saturday night only?

Means that people could get down, have a couple of nights camping, attend the show and possibly do a small amount of observing. Weather permitting.

Appreciate that East Devon Council may not be keen, and I have no idea if there is a minimum that has to be provided by a camp site. Toilets I suspect but perhaps a convenient toilet block could be made available. It might make the event a bit bigger and for what could be 3 days/ 2nights camping in Devon could appeal to many.

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We do have permission for camping on site, but as you could see we are limited on space and the volunteers (such as myself) take up any spare space.

I will pass on your comments to the Directors and see what they say.

We have been talking this weekend about inviting some SGL members down to the NLO on a mini star party (just a trial really) We have had small parties over the last year limited to members and whilst numbers were low it worked out well.

I will ask the guys to discuss further and I am sure shortly there will be a post here to let you know if we decided to go ahead with it.

ref. the camping site we would be clear what is on offer, and any takers would have to take us as they find us, we will do our best but if things go wrong please bare with us.

I will keep you posted.


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I noticed there was a camp ground just down the road. I know it's not the same as being on site, but it might offer a possibility. I enjoyed the fair by the way, it was good to see so much enthusiasm for astronomy. Ed

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