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DSLR Focusing

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Hoping someone can help me with this. I have just bought a skywatcher 200pds which allows direct connection to dslr on the eyepiece holder. I tried this and it works ok, I.e I can see an image through the cameras view finder. I then tried using the 28mm eyepiece that I purchased which also unscrews and lets you connect your dslr to the eyepiece using the t adaptor. When I did this I could not see any image in the viewfinder, just white light. Is this because the distance is too far between camera body and the eyepiece and will not allow it to focus? Is there a way around this or is my purchase a waste of money? Hope that makes sense.

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Few people use eyepiece projection.

Deep sky imagers usually attach the camera directly to the scope and so the scope becomes the lens. If, on deep sky, you want a small object to fill more of the frame then you get a longer FL scope! Increasing the effective focal length with barlows and eyepieces slows the focal ratio down too much for the deep sky objects to be viable.

If it is the moon and planets you want to image then an inexpensive webcam will greatly out perform a DSLR. You can stack video frames in the free programme Registax.

What are you wanting to image?



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