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SynScan, yet again.

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Following MikeP's advice and doubling my post count, so blame him. :)

Extremely lazy and thick so using the SkyWatcher Alt/Az version 3.08. Fancy the GPS mouse but the majority of sites suggest it will only work with V3.1. My handset includes GPS in the menu, suggesting that it recognise the mouse.

Can anyone please confirm that they do work together or as a pensioner, might end up eating fried GPS or not mouse.

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3.08 is the latest (i done mine yesterday) and mine also says GPS in the menu.

At £90 for the GPS mouse is it really worth it?, getting the cordinates is not that hard and these are the only things that are saved in the handset memory, so unless you move locations alot it's no problem....just my twp penny worth.

Try here for the long/lat numbers, this site shows them how the handset needs them

Latitude and Longitude of a Point

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Thanks again guys.

Aware that there are GEM and Alt/Az as well as European, American. Skywatcher and Celestron versions, does my head in.

Surely, if the handset offers GPS, it should be able to acquire that information from a same branded GPS source? Also aware that longitude and latitude are available from Google Earth, no problem there, just can't be bothered and the watch can gain a couple of seconds a month. :)

Summed up, I just want it but need it to work. :(

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Why pay £90 for the GPS mouse?

You can get accurate coordinates of Google Earth for free.

Is it really that much of a chore entering them to the handset?

The handset retains this data when switched off as well.

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Needing to travel to reach even slightly dark skies and finding the station car park brightly lit, would need to find some other site, probably without a grid reference. Am aware that SynScan will correct for errors during the centring phase of alignment but the reason for the 'grab and go' nature of my scope, is a preference for extreme ease of use and that would be aided by the mouse.

Trying to do things simply because my next appointment could be with the undertaker :). Like most grumps, cannot understand why the manufacturers and importers do not make such information easily available. After all, they are driven by the profit motive and could increase their sales.

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Followed Idlelimey's advice, went to facebook. The SkyWatcher page referred me to the UK importers. Emailed Optical Vision

"-----Original Message-----


Sent: 09 June 2011 13:46

To: Optical Vision

Subject: SynScan GPS Mouse.

Been going mad trying to find out, went to SkyWatcher Facebook page who sent me here.

Have the Alt Azimuth SynScan at V3.08 that has "GPS" in the "Start Up" Menu.

Most retail sites say the GPS Mouse will only work with V3.1 and above, which I understand is the equatorial mount version.

Will the GPS Mouse and SynScan V3.08 work or do I invest in a StarGPS whose product will work with V3.04?"

Received the following:-

"There should be no problem at all using the GPS with your handset"

So two items

1) Retailers, please bring your websites up to date

2) A big thank you to idlelimey. Would never have dared to venture into facebook territory without your post.

Solved, well until it arrives.:)

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Hmmm... I'm suspicious. Have they actually tested the unit with 3.08?

Guess you'll find out soon enough - fingers are crossed for you! :)

And, it's my pleasure - I get helped out so much on this forum and it's good to be able to repay in a small way.

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  • 3 months later...

For 90 GBP you can probably get a cheap Android phone with GPS receiver. Besides all the uses the phone can have (calls, internet device, GPS assistance, MP3 player, video player, ebook reader, audiobook player.................) it can also show the current coordinates quickly using one of many available free apps (I use "compass" and "GPS Status")

About saving those seconds each session, I don't know how efficient is the celestron GPS but all GPS devices I have used before take between 15 seconds to a few minutes to get a GPS fix (depending on the amount of overhead satellites at the moment). Android phones (or an iPhone) use A-GPS (assisted GPS) which, besides using the satellites, also uses the cellphone provider's cells (and a few other tricks) to help triangulate your position. This usually results in a much faster GPS fix.

PS-> There is a free app in android market, called skeye, which haves a push too function. According to them, if you attach the phone to a scope tube (ideally a dob) and do the proper alignments, it them works as a push to system. I never tried it as my scope haves it's own push-to.

Just in case you're wondering, I don't have any profit out of android phones' sales. :)

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