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Looking for suggestions as to best choice of eye pieces for a 90 slt. Already have the ones it came with ie 9 and 25mm. Was thinking an extra one around the 30mm mark and a good x2 barlow for starters.

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For the ins 'n' outs of choosing EPs, you might find these posts : [thread=80772]"Eyepieces - the very least you need"[/thread] and [thread=63184]"Understanding and choosing eyepieces"[/thread] a help in guiding you through the basics. That is, of course, if you haven't already :(

I'd be tempted not to buy anything for now and just use what came with the 'scope. With eyepiece time under your belt you'll know what needs replacing, or if there's a gap that needs filling.

HTH :)

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