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My first telescope

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Hiya! I'm going to buy a telescope, and would like to see the stars & moon up close, like the pictures that I've seen on TV / Internet and on this forum.

What telescopes are best for taking pictures, and what ones are available for my budget? (which is £800). I would like one I can easily lift, carry and setup as my wrists are a little limp.


[removed word]

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Hello [removed word]. You have a good budget and should be able to get something very good. Have you considered photography as well, If so you might want to check out goto's. EQ mounts strip down pretty well to their main parts, weights, tripod and mount so it shouldn't be too bad. Do you have to carry it far to use and store? It only takes a few minutes to set up and align manually. I managed to leave mine out side for over 3 weeks in april.which made life even easier.

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You're not going to be able to see much colour up in the night sky, certainly when compared to the colour images you have seen on the forum. Basically our eyes just aren't as sensitive as the cameras/webcams etc... the imaging guys use.

There is some colour though :(

The major planets are quite colourful, the Moon is bright and throws wonderful shadows across it's surface, and the stars are different colours (check out Albireo - a double star with one blue and one gold star). DSOs are mostly shades of fuzzy grey, though there are exceptions such as M42, the Orion Nebula, which looks green to me.

As for which telescope, you could do worse than consider a 127 Mak, or 6" SCT. Quite small and manageable, good on planets, and you can do webcam imaging.

First Light Optics - Skywatcher Skymax 127 SynScan AZ GOTO

First Light Optics - Celestron Nexstar 127 SLT

First Light Optics - Celestron NexStar 6SE

Hope that's useful to you :)

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Hi [removed word],

Before making a start into astro-photography I really recommend that you read Making Every Photon Count (by SGL's very own steppenwolf).

Easy to read, it's full of good advice aimed at the imaging novice, including choosing the right equipment - explaining what kit you'll need and, more importantly, why. Helping you avoid poor choices and costly mistakes. There's also loads of tips 'n' tricks as well as lots of other vital stuff.

Have a trawl through the imaging sections too. They're full of info and some very experienced and talented folk who, I'm sure, will be more than happy to share advice and guidance with you.

HTH :)

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