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Teleskop Service - TS 80/480 - First impression...not impressed!

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However TS are not the only ones who have given a small minority such service.

Other astro retaillers who we all know and love have (unintentionally) given a few people sub standard service in the past, that gets brushed under the carpet and anyone who has a bad word to say about 'them' is wrong apparently.

This is a very good point. I've seen this in action on other forums I use for a different interest to astro. Retailers get treated like gods that can do no wrong and critical threads of them get pulled for no explained reason to the posters and the explanation was that the retailer used bully boy tactics on the forums in question to get the threads removed.

I have dealt with one retailer myself that used that tactic. Needless to say I will never use them again and will actively warn other people about them.

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My goodness. I have just sat here for 10 minutes reading every post on this thread with increasing feeling of horror and annoyance on your behalf for the poor service received. Up until now I have only ordered 3rd party equipment from them, but currently have a custom fabricated solar filter for my APM 105 in production. I will be checking this very closely when it arrives as there is no margin of error when it comes to observing the sun.

China is rapidly catching up in the quality of the astronomy products, but there quality control still seems to be close to zero (though the re-sellers really should check every item they sell to maintain their own brand) and that is often what you are paying for with the more established manufacturers. The quality of equipment is still way too variable. One might be a gem, and another a dud from the same production run. Perhaps they are too obsessed with high volumes and maximising revenue. My father is an engineer and his company eventually stopped using Chinese manufacturers as they cut corners, used the wrong grade of metal etc, to the point where the price advantage disappeared. One day they will get there, and then all the premium guys will start to really feel the pinch, but that day is not today.

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I'm really disappointed to read all this. I have a TS f4 150 refractor which I am very happy with, although the collimation is very tricky. Other than that the scope is very well made. I have read elsewhere on SGL that their scopes are a bit marmitey - some a great some are rubbish. I had considered some of their fracs but after reading this I'm very reluctant.

My general experience with Astro retailers is mixed - FLO are excellent, though their prices are usually a bit higher it's entirely worth a small expense for their impeccable service. Others though do leave a lot to be desired when customer service is considered. I for one would rather have a problem that is well dealt with than a perfect transaction from an uncaring supplier. In fact if I have an issue that is dealt with quickly and with honest understanding, such an experience cements my loyalty far more effectively than problem free purchase. At the end of the day, everyone should supply equipment at a certain level of QC. When this is not done, a quick resolution is paramount.

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We get what we pay for. If we want equipment at rock bottom prices then ultimately it is our fault that the products have poor quality control and a large variation in performance because the manufacturer in business to make a profit and QC costs a lot. If you want quality then you need to pay for it

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£600 is still a fair wedge though, and you would expect at least good customer care at that kind of price, and would certainly expect merchandise to be shipped in good condition.

The price is almost irrelevant, if the cost to make it by the manufacturer gives them no profit then how do they afford to give us good customer care?

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