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PST Modding Service?

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I've got the donor scope, read Ken's excellent write-up and FLO is now stocking PSTs, so what am I waiting for?

To be honest, I don't feel very confident about wielding a hacksaw and would rather pay someone to do the modding for me once I've acquired all of the components for a stage 2 mod.

Is anybody out there offering this service or knows of someone who does?

Many thanks,


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I've done quite a few Stage 1 and Stage 2 mods....it's pretty straight forward....

I don't know of anyone offering the service, but there may be a member in your area who has already successfully done it and can assist you?????

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I was looking for exactly the same last year. I think the problem with a commercial service would be the liability should anything go wrong - the insurance costs would probably make the whole idea uneconomic.

I've done it myself though, and at lunchtime today had successful first light with the Stage 2 Mod :(. I have had some challenges with the stage 2 part. I have an early mark2 PST which was very securely held together with loctite. NickH and my husband broke 2 boa wrenches at SGL6 trying to get the black box off the etalon :). But we eventually managed it on Monday :eek:

I believe the new PSTs are much easier to take apart, and so the only 'difficult' bits are getting the tube the right length and getting the ERF fitted in a holder. I'd assume that any decent local machine shop could do those for you if you didn't fancy doing it yourself.

The results do look worth it so far!


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Yes, some of the newer PST's are easier to dis-assemble. The worse problem seems to be with the early batch assembled in Mexico - they went overboard with the loctite on ALL the joints - a real PITA!

I can provide "moral" support and answer any questions which might come up - after you've read through the PST mods write-up.

If you purchase an ERF already mounted in a suitable cell, the only work to be done for a Stage 1 mod (keep the black box) other than pulling the PST apart is either cutting back the OTA and adding a 2" focuser and nosepiece or removing the old focuser and adding a suitable adaptor. No one has been disappointed with the results.

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Thanks Ken, your offer of moral support is much appreciated, and congratulations on your first light today Helen. Lucky you!

Looks like I've got no excuses so will order the bits tomorrow. :)

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