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Lego Telescope anyone??


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From a friends Blog: (No idea if its true!)

''This telescope is made almost entirely of Lego Bricks. The only non Lego parts are the lens and the tripod. There are no Metal parts other then the tripod legs. All the parts are standard Lego pieces except the objective lens, eyepiece, and the tripod base. The finder is designed to be easily removable. All the other parts are removable of course, but not as easily. There is no glue or tape holding it all together.

It uses standard 1 1/4" Eyepieces. Focusing is done by gently sliding the White tube in and out. Magnification is 20X with the 25mm.''


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UN-BEE-LEEV-A-BULL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is the answer to all my prayers! Both of my grandsons are Lego-holics and this would be the perfect bridge between the two hobbies! Any chance that you took pix as you were building it? If not, maybe you could show some more views from different angles and some close-up details. You might even have a new Lego product prototype there. They might be interested in marketing something like it. What the heck, they've got Lego everything else! You are the man!!!!!!!!!! Well done!



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That's like two of my favourite things combined together!

My thoughts entirely! You can't move in our house without tripping over my kids' Lego. The finest toy ever invented.

Now all that's needed is a lego obsy.


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It could be good but no goto

With Technic Lego these days, I wouldn't have thought a GOTO woul dbe that difficult, to be honest! It has come on so far since I was a kid.

Wonder if there's a Meccano version?

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That is so cool :-)

Yeah, I recon you could use Mindstorms to create a go-to system, probably even make a semmi-accurate tracking EQ mount. Have you seen some of the complex systems/robots people have built with those?

I am SO tempted to go buy a mirror set and build a LEGO Dob... I'm actually part of a group who do semi-pro LEGO projects (such as the James May LEGO house someone sent a link to)... I think I've got abot 220kg or so of the stuff at the workshop, I am SO tempted :-)


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That'll be a YES then :)

Meccano Reflector Telescope

Fair enough - should have checked on Google before posting that :(

Much as I like Lego, I think Meccano is much more suited to this sort of thing. I note that the Lego scope has five modded bits and the Meccano scope has one. I'm really not up to speed with either of them any more though - anybody know what Meccano controllers are like? Anywhere near Lego Mindstorm?

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