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heq6 or heq5


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Hi Members

looking at buying a skywatcher mount for just visual seeing with a 127 refractor,,, heq6 pro synscan goto or heq5 pro synscan goto is there much differance other than price?

regards Robbie

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The difference is the load capacity (how much they can carry) and the weight.

The EQ6 has higher load capacity and if far heavier to carry. The EQ6 is the ideal mount for imaging etc if you can lift it.

I therefore use the HEQ5.

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It is indeed.

The mount head is smaller on the HEQ5 than the EQ6, I am not sure about the tripod.

If you can afford it (and lift it) then I would recommend an EQ6 as you will not really ever need to upgrade. If however you cannot then the HEQ5 will serve you very well. I have a 200p and a Skymax 127 mounted side by side on mine and it can still cope with guide camera and DSLR when imaging.

So all in all they are both very good mounts.

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Fairly heavy but not unmanagebly. I think the tripod and head minus counter weights is around 25kg which is about the same as a 42" plasma telly. Now obviously with the supplied 10kg weights on it and your telescope you're reaching an immovable 40kg.

For me, I went for the 6 mainly because of it being just a couple of months more to save for. I don't have a great deal of disposable income so paradoxically spending more to be a bit more futureproof was worth it, considering the tiny price difference between the ota's I'm able to mount.

That said, now I can't afford to upgrade my 6" until winter!

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