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Hello everyone. My husband surprised me with a celestron nexstar 127 mak for my birthday, after I was smitten with the very lovely Brian Cox and what he was talking about!

We didn't manage to align it (didn't read the manual/ few drinks down our necks) but did find Saturn when trying to align. huge surprise!

The next night we were all prepared to try some proper job star gazing and it was cloudy :(

Anyhows, hopefully we will get a good night next weekend. Got an ideal spot in mind, where there should be no light pollution.

So, will keep popping by to read the threads and look at the fabulous photos.


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Hi Dimmy,

Welcome to the lounge. I hope you have many pleasant viewing sessions with your telescope. Saturn is certainly a good place to start. If you have a good place, with little or no light pollution, then you will soon be finding some lovely deep sky objects. Don't forget, there are plenty of people on the SGL to ask for help if you are ever stuck.

Liz :)

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Thanks for the welcome folks.

I'll definately be in touch re any queries. Here's a quick one. I've done a little reading about attaching my DSLR to the telescope and it appears that it's not such a good idea (due to the tripod not being too steady), but probably better to just take a photo of the telescope image. As anyone got any pics on here, where they've done that?

I shall look forward to seeing Saturn when it returns (though as it was, it blew my mind away and I was amazed how quickly it /earth moved! Need to get alignment sorted and tracking).

Really looking forward to winter, to view Orion. My head is buzzing with so much info at the mo. I'll be glad when I've taken some of it on board!

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