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10mm Eyepices - Help ....

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I am looking for a pair of 10mm eyepieces for bino-viewing.

I draw the planets at the eyepiece whilst wearing glasses so 15mm plus eye relief is important to me.

Budget for the pair is around £150.

Any ideas/pointers ???

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This might get a laugh but it occurred to me that the Skywatcher UWA / Orion Expanse 9mm might be worth considering. They have 16mm of eye relief, 66 degrees FoV and the 9mm is considered a bit of a hidden gem in this range. I looked through one at the SGL star party this year and can see why :(

At least they would be well under budget :eek:

Just a bit of "lateral thinking" :)

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Oh nooooooo......

Just bought a 10mm Radian second hand and have first dibs on anothr that may come available soon !!!!

Thanks anyway.

wow 10mm Radian in binoviewers.........that's going to be awesome! You won't regret it. I remember switching from a pair of Antares W70's to a pair of Pentax XF's.......wow what a difference.

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Have just bought 8mm BST Explorer ED ep with a reasonably wide angle of viewing. £38. Might be worth trying a pair of them. I was able to get this ep and three others on a try before buy basis.

Looked pretty good in my main 10" sct, screw up eyecup gave good eye relief also.

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