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Favorite bands?


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I didn't like any of that mod stuff when The Jam were about cos i was a bit of a biker F'N hated mods.

But now that i see there is more to the world than my 650 Yamaha Enduro trail bike i do like Tha Jam

Paul Weller is brill.


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Hawkwind is my fav band since about the age of 6yrs many a time my uncle would have me on the back of his vincent black shadow whilst playing Silver Machine out of a rigged up stereo..

Also like Black Sabbath, Led Zep, Deep Purple and many Cyber Punk bands aka Skinny Puppy etc etc. Classical music is played the most at the moment.


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i must admit i am stuck in the 80s

so i love Queen, simple minds, soft cell. little REM

up to date stuff robbie williams etc

my wife is the music lover, i merely follow her really.

I think i may be in for an Ipod for xmas

ohhhhhh, would have preferred the webcam. then my pc has too mnany gadgets

ps, how many of you enjoy listening to tunes while you stargaze

now trhis i have not done for years. That really helps to put the romance back into it


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for me I'm with Jamie,

AC/DC, White Snake, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin Also like ZZ Top, Cypress Hill. The strange thing is that in my car the CD collection includes Vivaldi, The Beegees, Coolio.

My fav group has to be Queen, don't have any of their stuff on CD - must sort that out!

My fav peice of music is the theme to Roller Ball - not even going to attempt to spell it :clouds1:


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Bit of an ecliectic taste for me

Pretty much listen to most things, but am an Eighties kid!

Used to be Mod and love the Motown and Northern Soul music, then switched to the Miami Vice look.

Damn I was cool :clouds1:

Come on Rob - chuck a few names out then we d/l and have a listen!

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nice one Gaz - but you have to know where to start spelling it to actually be able to google it!

Like when I was a kid, my parents would say that if you don't know how to spell something, look it up in a dictionary - if you can't spell you can't find it!

Sorry a little off topic that! But it used to wind me up.


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