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first saturn


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took this a couple of nights ago not to great seeing and think my collimation is a bit out

but im getting better can get saturn on the lappy screen with relative ease now

now just to get a better pic before its 2 late



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Thats a good image, well done.

There nothing really there to suggest your collimation is off.

I can see there is red/blue fringing, that is more likely due to atmospherics than your scope, Saturn being quite low in the sky.

You didnt say what processing software you used, but most of them have features to re-align the red and blue. Have look at reprocessing see if you can fix that.

As you say Saturn is slipping from view now, but you look well set for Jupiter in a few months



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As Bazzaar suggests a bit of reprocessing will improve the look of the image.

A quick method is to isolate the background,apply Auto levels and then play with the colour balance on the planet to see what looks best to your eye.



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thx i like the look of that second one. yea viewing was q bit poor good news on the collimation i didnt do a star test as i was in a bit of a rush before saturn went behind a building then i forgot.

i used sharpcap and registax im also looking forward to Jupiter coming back as i got my scope just as it was going out of view and i only got a one look when it was low in the sky

onwards and upwards as they say


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