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Google Mars space station


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This is a case summed up by 2 men looking up in to the tars one night.

One asks the other: Do you think there is intelligent life out there?

The second answers: Sure hope so, there is bu&&er all down here!

I suppose google sent one of ther camera cars to Mars to drive round and get the imafges.

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To be fair I know it is easy to label things as "space station" and "bio lab" but to be honest can anyone actually explain what it maybe? The easiest is to say anomoly, lense flare or swamp gas. I will add that it does seem to be far from anything, assuming there is anything on Mars in the first place.

As the guy in the video I linked too above states it is quite large.

My own opinion on anything `out there` would be that of course it is denied as if something was really out there then imagine how much would have to change down here :)

Who knows until... until I go there in person I cannot beleive it is or is not manmade.

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For something that close (relitavely), I don't think it'll be the little green men - or I think we would have known by now.

If you can make faries in your back garden, you can make objects on the surface of Mars ........

Here is the web site - Mars Anomaly Research Home Page

Reminds me of the achient Egyption progam on the beeb .............

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From the comments...

"if ur familiar with the Summerian story of the Anunnaki( extraterrestial gods who according to Sitchin, genetically engineered us to what we are today), but a long time ago Mars , was used as a way station from Nibiru to earth almost 450,000 years ago .There was assigned 300 Anunnaki to stay on mars, which were called the Igigi. And 600 to stay on earth., whos names remained the same, Anunnaki."

Woooaaah! Some people have some amazing ideas.

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I'd say it's an image artefact, it's only made up of a few pixels of image data.
Good point. A lot of them really do look like that. And that "blocky" appearance...

often characteristic of my image over-processings too! :)

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Scale scale scale... even without a measuring tape, from the apparent zoom levels those 'buildings' would have to be miles long.

What do you call those things on either side of a dinghy again? oh yes, rollocks :)

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I liked this comment on you-tube.......

"I just looked at it with my telescope like the guy says its clearly a biological containment, not a google mars glitch."

I want the scope he's got.:):(


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Yes it is Definitely a SPACE STATION and not an image artifact.

I have discovered another similar SPACE STATION on the field across from my house and also one on my son's head - I have photos of them both that I took just before my old DSLR stopped working.

(don't blame me - men from Mars and Elvis made me post this)

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