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Cheap Barlow?

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Hi guys

In order for some super accurate drift allignment i bought a 9mm Illiminiated eye piece which is great but to further my super accurate efforts i was planning to buy a cheap 2x barlow so that i could drift allign at 4.5mm.

Bearing in mind that im using it ONLY!!! for alignment would it matter if i bought a cheap barlow?

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As you are only using it to do drift alignment I would think a cheap barlow would suffice, after all, you are only using it to look at stars.

If you are drift aligning for the purpose of imaging I would suggest going the route of guiding.

I tried guiding for the first time last night and stayed on the target for over 3 hours (it was getting light by this time).

Guiding might also save you many hours spent in carrying out drift alignment!

Hope this helps you.

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