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Hi all

Has anybody here been to the Planeterium in london.I was just wandering cause i just wanted to know the price and if it`s any good cause i might be going there on my 16th birthday


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Hi Carl,

I went there many years ago so cant tell you how much it is now but i can tell you it was wonderfull and better than the one at jodrel bank .

Well worth a visit esp on your Birthday talking of which when is it carl?


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I went with my son last year, BUT you have to pay to go into Tussaurds as well - you can't do the Planetarium on it's own. Works out at about £20 a head

At least, that was last year.....

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I went to the planetarium as a child and thought it was great so decided to take my family yesterday. It cost £24 for Adults and £20 for children. This includes Madame Tusauds Wax Works as well - you cant do the planetarium on its own. We queued for 90 minutes to get in and had been hearded through all the wax work exhibits in 45 minutes which included a 2 minute "London Experience" ride. We then got to the Planetarium which is at the very end. As a show was about to start we were rushed in by the staff and missed the exhibits of Great Astronomers and Armstrong and Aldrin. The Planetarium show lasts 10 minutes and provides virtually zero astonomical interest, but does provide a Wow visual experience. So on exiting the planetarium my wife complained about the whole experience so we were shown to a door which sent you right back to the beginning. Second time around was more fun, as we knew how little there was to see we spent more time on each exhibit, including the Great Astonomers.

In summary, very expensive but if you take your time and are not expecting an Astonomical Experience it is still a good day out.

It has definately dumbed down since my youth, there used to be an enormous brass orrery, gone now. Also you could buy great astonomy books in the gift shop. Now you can only get books about Britney Spears!

I am sure there are better Astonomy days out in the UK - anybody know of any?

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