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Hello from Lincolnshire!


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Having spent the last few months being directed to this website with all my astronomy questions I thought id finally do the best thing and join!

So a quick intro on myself.

I have been into astronomy since a young lad. My first telescope was a home made refractor my grandad made for me when i was around 12. It wasn't the greatest scope but it had me hooked! Ive had a few others since then, one a refractor and one a reflector.

I drifted away for abit from actual stargazing and spent alot of time learning about the cosmos, particle physics, quantum mechanics, string theory and anything else that would make my head hurt!!

Now I have come back to my roots and have started to really get back into stargazing. I am in the process of researching a telescope that will suit my needs (and budget!).

My other interests are surfing, snowboarding and homebrewing.

I would like to also take this opportunity to thank everyone on stargazerslounge who has already answered many of my questions. Now as I member I hope I can return the favour!!

Thanks and see you on the forums,


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thanks for the warm welcomes! Notts star / sgt. pepper, do either of you have any pictures on here taken with your skywatcher scopes? i have been looking quite a bit at these so was wondering what to expect if i was to get one. No probs if you don't. Thanks again for the welcomes,


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Hi ant, i haven't been up this way long either, moved up from down near basingstoke just before christmas, but your right it is a lovely part of the country. some nice unpolluted skies just south and east of me now. Thanks for the welcome!

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