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TS UHC filter


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Bought it! I had a last-minute wobble wondering whether I should really go for the O3 filter (it's only ten euros more) but the lumicon website gives guidance on the exit pupil for various filters and suggests that 3mm is the minimum exit pupil for use with an O3 - I presume the same applies to the TS version. It's hard to get to 3mm with a Mak (especially one that only takes 1.25" EPs), and even if I did the image scale would be a bit teeny. I'll get an O3 next year after I have upgraded my scope.

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Yes, I thought about it for long enough. I'm guessing that even if it does not reveal any new targets, it will still improve the views I get of the brighter nebulae I can already find, like M42/43, M57 and M27.

Thanks for the advice.

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Hooray! It arrived today from TS. It was well packaged in bubble wrap and comes in its own plastic box.

I am surprised by how reflective the filter is - it seems about as reflective as a piece of uncoated glass.

I may get to try it out tonight, but probably not - work tomorrow after all.

I wonder if a UHC makes a good if somewhat colorful moon filter...?

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It is reflective because it is an interference filter, which does not absorb the unwanted light, but reflects it away, by positive interference of the reflected rays from multiple interfaces between different dielectric substances, and destructive interference of the forward travelling rays (both directly transmitted and multiply reflected).

I have the APM counterpart of the TS UHC filter, and it is very useful. It gave me my best views of the Rosette and Owl nebulae yet. I do not know how much better the Astronomik and like filters are, but this one is very good.

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I finally got to try out my filter, under very poor conditions. There was plenty of cloud about as well as haze. I could not see Albireo, for example.

I tried M57 at an exit pupil of 1mm and magnification of 100. The filter certainly made the sky black but the contrast enhancement was slight. I could see a similar amount of structure with and without the the filter.

I tried a fainter target - M27, more diffuse and closer to the horizon so the background glow (actually, its a foreground glow) was much stronger. Without the filter the nebula was a faint smudge, barely detectable. With the filter the smudge was well-defined. A clear improvement with the filter!

The conditions were so bad I did not attempt anything fainter, like the nearby Veil, which was behind cloud anyway.

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