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Solar Filter/Advice

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Taken delivery of solar filter from FLO today, the £34 it cost to have it as a pre-made filter is well worth it, the surround is metal rather than card and I would have spent many hours trying to produce anything half way close to this but thats me not very 'manual' more of a thinker :)

Anyway, screwed it on to my Konus 90mm and try as i might i can't get anything through the eyepiece.

I'm thinking that at nearly f14 the scope could be the wrong one to use it on but I would expect to see something of course the other answer is that i am missing the sun competely.

Any suggestions?


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Sounds like you might be missing it completely... Once you've checked the solar film (this is a must everytime you use it), and fitted it to the scope, then adjust the scope so the shadow on the ground/wall is as small as possible, this is the best way to align. Use a wide FOV ep to start with, and hold the back of your hand over it. Assuming all is ok, look in the ep, if you can't see the sun, repeat the align and checking until you can. That's how I do it.

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Thank you :-)

Konus 90mm with Baarder Solar Filter and SPC900 modded with FR and SharpCap

10fps - 70secs - 140/700 frames stacked in Reg6

Used 'auto colour' in PSP which bought out the spots quite nicely.

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