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Hi all,

Recently, I've been using my SPC880 (flashed to SPC900) webcam for imaging the Moon and Saturn. At the moment, I use it in conjunction with a 2x Barlow, which approximately gives me about 200x magnification (If you compare the webcam to a 6mm eyepiece). This isn't really enough to resolve fine details on Saturn, so I was thinking of ways to increase the magnification.

Obviously, I could buy a 3x Barlow, but this would set me back around £20-£30.

My other idea is to buy another 2x Barlow (cheap on AstroBoot), and put it inside my other 2x Barlow. Would this work?

Also, I have read that to be successful with webcam imaging, you need to get your telescope to around f/15-25. With my 2x Barlow, I get f/10, is this too little, and another reason to get another Barlow?


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Doubling up barlows does work to an extent but because there is more glass in the way the image will be dimmer. I have doubled up a 2.5x with a 3x barlow on my SW250 when imaging Saturn and the SPC900's gain was full up just to get an image. The image was poor because of the high gain introduces more noise.

You could try increasing the image scale 200%, I use VirtualDub for this and then process in Registax. Iv'e had good results doing this but I really need a 5x barlow when funds allow.

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