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New Supernova in M51


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Just goes to show that you should always check your DSO images to see if there are any supernovae. How many people must have imaged a popular galaxy like M51 recently and missed it?

Another image of it here from Antelope Hills Observatory:


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I had a quick go on M51 to test some settings, 4 of the 5 subs were un-usable, but from the one that wasn't completely smeared I managed to do some tweaking. My processing is ham-fisted but if anyone would like the RAW image (and dark frame) let me know.

It was a single 60 second image, ISO 1600, unguided, Canon 1000D, C11.

(These are small JPEGs)



and my associated blog post about it:

Breaking News: I only went and imaged a supernova last night! brimptonobservatory

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I just got an email for S&T and this was the top story, just checked on here to see if it has been reported. I wonder if it will get any brighter than it's current mag 14 and be in range of my 8" dob (mag 13 and higher)?

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Still far too light to see anything remotely close to mag 13. I can only just make out M51 in the dob as a very faint smudge against the rather light background sky. I hope it gets darker then it is now although seeing as it is midnight now it might not be possible :)

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I've only got my 5" SCT out tonight because it's so windy here. I can see M51 OK as a pair of smudges with condensed centres but I don't reckon I can get stars below mag 11 at the moment with this scope.

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I am managing about magnitude 12 stars ATM, there is a pair stars of that brightness near to M51 that I can just about make out and also appear in wikisky with that value. I need to get to see stars 2.5x fainter at least to have any chance of seeing the SN.

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