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Bah. Typical!


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It's been a beautiful day here in Limerick, blue sky with very little cloud, and upper atmosphere conditions appear to prevent contrails from forming. As sunset approached the typical high level haze that's appeared daily of late was not forming. So I brought out the scope to equalise (I've to keep it indoors now I've moved jobs) and I waited fir darkness to approach.

As I knelt down to begin the polar alignment I spotted a few fluffy cumulus approaching from the east. As I completed the mount alignment the clouds have properly started to roll in with a layer of altocumulus with enough gaps to tease me! Now I understand why these are known as "sucker holes"

Oh wait, the holes are now big lanes. Time to get back!

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It got better for a while, the clear lanes became clear patches that allowed some nice views of stuff. Weirdly I could not see any sign of the Milky Way though I had thought it was dark enough to see it (and I could make out the arms in M51 so it was fairly transparent).

Typically, just as I had finally decided to call it a night and had disassembled stuff, the cloud layer completely dissipated and it cleared up!

Woke up to a clear blue sky...

At least I got to see some stuff...

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Pretty much the same up here in Fermanagh last night. Was out just after midnight and was pretty much as you described here also. Did get a few nice breaks in the cloud though so all was not lost.

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