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Can I use Narrowband Filters with my 127 Frac?


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Would I get any benefit from using narrowband filters for imaging with my 127mm refractor?

I have read that OIII filters are only for 'bigger scopes'.

My interest is DSO's (especially nebula!).

I am thinking of buying a QHY8L at a later date - should I go for 2" filters (if I can use narrowband with scope).

Many thanks in advance for any advice :)

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Depends which ones you use. Some narrowbands are narrower than others, eg: the Baader O-III which I found, in my opinion, needed 8" plus of aperture to get satisfying images. I used to use ( and enjoy) an Orion Ultrablock with my 4" refractor and now I have an Astronomik O-III which works well with the same scope - the Astronomik allows a little more light through than the Baader does so is nicer to use with smaller apertures.

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I was looking at the sets as sold by FLO....

Now wondering if using a 0.5 reducer would affect the use of filters :)

Thanks John, I will take a look at the Astronomik filters, if you are using one of their O-III's ok, then they should work equally well for me.

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Thanks Olly,

I know you have owned the same scope as me so probably have a good idea of what filters I could/couldn't use.

If you can use a O-III on a 70mm then I might just go for one of the filter sets sold by FLO, but.......1.25" or 2"?

If (thinking aloud here) I buy a QHY8L then probably the 2" will be more useful?

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I use a Baader O111 right down to 70mm in the Pronto. It helps things like the Veil and Rosette to pop out. No problems that I can see.


Like so many bits of astro equipment, the final choice depends on personal preferences :)

I like to see some background stars when viewing DSO's and the Baader O-III just dims out too many for my taste when the aperture drops below 8".

If I can get away with it, I tend to prefer unfiltered views on the whole which might explain my preference for more moderate filters, when I do need to use them.

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