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Hello from Stafford


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Hi all I'm James ive been interested in astronomy since i was little and its my 18th in a month so i wanted to get an astronomy telescope but i dont know which is the best for my budget i don't have a lot to spend about £200 - £250. Ive been looking on the First light optics website at the Skywatcher Explorer 130p would this be a good starter scope for my budget.

Also what will i be able to see with it i was hoping to get a scope where i can see the planets in our solar system and maybe the sun with a solar filter?

Would this scope be the best one for my budget?

Or Would it be better saving a bit longer and getting a skymax 102 synscan AZ GOTO?


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Hi James, welcome to the SGL.

That is good advice about the 200mm dobby The telescope will be a lot more stable on a good dobsonian mount and much easier to move around the sky. The extra aperture will show you much fainter objects too.


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Hi James, and welcome from another James in the region...

You could do what I did and buy second hand (have a look at astro buy sell: http://www.astrobuysell.com/uk; there is a 200P on an EQ5 at the moment that looks OK for £200) but take an experienced astronomer with you to check the kit out.

Ask on here if there is anybody local or have a chat at your local astro society (the North Staffs and South Cheshire societies are really friendly and helpful; I know there is a Stafford society but I haven't visited them so cannot comment). Whatever you do, don't just buy something because it looks cheap - "too good to be true" usually means just that. Ask on here about anything you're not sure of - we'll be envious of particularly good deals but we're not into usurping :)

Welcome again, and good luck!

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Hi James and welcome to the forum.

Good advice given above so don't hesitate with any further questions which you can post over on the beginners help and advice section.

Clear skies for what ever you choose!

James (...not another one!)

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