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Sorry about the cloud guys!

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Just thought I'd appologise for the cloud, it is clearly due to the fact I had a nice delivery of my mk3 baader zoom ordered on Sunday from FLO!

I'm hoping it don't last too long as tomorrow and Friday are looking promising!

Once again sorry, I'll try not to order anything for a while now although this nice new ep is crying out for a new bigger scope!!

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Well thankfuly the clouds were gone last night and at last managed to give it a go. have to say the zoom is a massive step up in quality from the standard ep,s I had with the scope. Nice and gentle too through the range and at 24mm gave some lovely views of saturn and two of the moons. would recommend this for sure especialy for people like myself who want some quality gear but cant afford to buy the indivdual ones.

Value for money and high quality goods and a sppedy service from FLO, yet another happy customer.

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Congrats on the purchase, I wonder if the clouds are in the boxes when they arrive and as you open they float straight up?? Let us know how they go when you eventually get to use them.

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Haha yeah i already see it : open the box and within minutes an entire

region is filled with clouds....

When I have them I surely post my experiences here!

So yours are good with the Baader? I ordered a zoom as well,

so I'm curious if it's smoothly....No Baader of course....

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