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CPRE star count results


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I had an email newsletter from the Campaign to Protect Rural England today - amongst other things, revealing the findings of the star count event they promoted in early 2011.

I took part in this, as many others on this forum did - by counting the amount of stars that can be seen within the constellation Orion.

Their results reveal that in just four years, light pollution has got worse.

Star count results show increasing light pollution | CPRE

Whilst I am obviously unhappy with the results, part of me does wonder about the accuracy of such a test...as it seems as if more people took part in the 2011 survey compared to the 2007 one.

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I think there's a market for luminescent concrete / tarmac / similar to use on pavements.

Now I've typed it, it doesn't sound that stupid... This counts a prior art, btw, though I'm not sure if SGL or I own it!


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luminescent, not fluorescent, obviously :)
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The trouble is Sam, there are soooo many factors involved in a dark sky that it would be almost impossible to guarantee a useful result with such a method.

Every year at Kelling SP you hear it said "The light pollution is a lot worse this year"

I guess if there was a reading taken daily and then averaged, and then that compared to the previous year you light get a half useful result.

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