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Best mount for a 250PDS Skywatcher


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Hi all,

I have recently bought a 250PDS skywatcher OTA. I have installed it on my previous scopes mount (EQ5) which doesnt appear to be man enough for the job. I was considering the NEQ6 mount but will it make that much difference in comparison? Will there be less wobble etc due to the wind?

I guess what I am asking is can anyone recommend a good mount for this size scope?!

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The 250DS weighs about 12kg, the maximum load capacity of the EQ5 is about 8kg. So the mount would struggle a bit under the load. The HEQ5 has a load capacity of about 17kg and should be able to handle the 250DS for visual use. The NEQ6 has a load capacity of about 25kg, which is alot better if you are thinking about a mount for imaging.


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A vote here for the an NEQ6. I have this and the mount is solid even with a DSLR attached and funder guider. Just a note: you may need an extension bar for the counterweight or purchase another counterweight. Personally I would purchase a third counterweight.


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Another vote for the NEQ6 - mine's rock solid with a 200p and WO ZS70 guider on it.

IF your budget is tight; go for the non Go-To model, save yourself £100 or so, make yourself an EQ-Dir lead and use EQMOD & Stellarium - just brilliant!


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Thanks for all the replys, I think I will try and get the NEQ6 without goto. Its a big investment so I was concerned if there would be a big difference or not with regards to my current mount!

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