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Strange glow around Saturn

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Greeting friends. Im fairly new to this forum, and to amateur astronomy also. I bought my first scope, sw 130/650 eq2, about a month ago. After a first few views, the weather turned to worse, so I didnt have much telescope time, up until yesterday. But yesterday I noticed something strange, a glow around Saturn. First thing that cross my mind is that the dust on secondary is scattering light. I tried to remove eventual dust from secondary mirror with the bicycle pump, channeling its hose trough a focuser, and pumping. But it didnt help.

So im left without ideas. Any help would be greatly appreciated


Im sorry for the eventual grammar mistakes, I rarely have opportunity to write in english

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Hello Morea.

Saturn is very bright, so any light scatter might show as glow. It could be light scatter from airborne particles or moisture. It could also be from scatter, or internal reflections in your eyepiece. Changing eyepeice type, or comparing the view on different nights will help identify the reasons. Hope this is useful.

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Hello Morea,

Saturn can often produce a halo around it due to it being very bright, infact last night I experienced the same thing! You'll find observing it for a long period will really show you how much moisture/turbulence can effect your viewing, at 11pm I found it to be very hazey, but then at 12 Midnight I found that Saturn looked much clearer, even on a seemingly clear night there will be some slight disturbance, but its a real treat when its clear! :)

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I had this effect (I think) last night. I have attached a couple of pictures:

The first is a couple of weeks ago when there was pretty good seeing.

The second was last night.

Both were processed though registax 6 and the same wavelets.

Is this poor seeing, transparency, turbulence etc?



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Saturn did have a glow earlier on last night, I had another view around 1am before packing up and the glow had disappeared....all down to seeing and there was a bit of murk high up.

best view was around 37 mag, a small sharp yellow saturn but with pronounced edging from the rings 'swimming' in a backdrop of stars. I was trying get Porrima in on the view too.

Adrian, that pic on the left is superb

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Adrian, that pic on the left is superb

Well, obviously I chose my best picture to contrast with last night :)

Seriously though, I didn't think I would be able to get anything that good from a £100 scope bought from a gadget shop. Turns out that they're not bad at all :)

Edited by Adrian
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