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A Galaxy far far away...


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Star Wars Episode III is released on DVD tomorrow, so if you're a Star Wars nut like me it'll help make up for the cloudy skies this weekend!

Oh and on a Star Wars trivia note, the brother of the lad I work with, made Darth Vaders Helmet for the film...

The force is strong in this one (Cue heavy breathing etc)


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And may the force be with you...on the way to the video shop :clouds1:

I love Starwars too...liked the first one's the best. My sister has all the original starwars figures too, she's saving them as an investment. :clouds1:


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One of my fave films.

I saw the original twice in 1977... the cinema has now been knocked down. I seen a load of original stuff when I visited the states 12 years ago (my first trip). I know 3 people who were extra's in 'A new hope' & meet Kenny Baker / Peter mayhew / The bloke who played bobfet & the chap who played Jango at the last Sci-fi fair I went to in Milton Keynes.




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