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Purchase List Critique

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Hello all,

After reading everyone's comments on my previous post I believe I've got a decent visual starting kit.

Scope: Orion USA XT8 dob

Eyepiece: Sirius Plossl 25mm (included), 8mm-24mm Baader Hyperion Zoom

Filters: Baader Moon & Skyglow Filter, Meade #905 1.25" Var-Pol Filter

Finder Scope: Orion 9x50 RA Scope

Extra: Celestron Cheshire Collimator Eyepiece

I'm still up in the air on the Baader Hyperion Zoom EP, I've looked at the UO Abbe Orthos (volcano top) but the FOV of those concerns me a bit.

Are there any other major items that I should consider? With the above I'm still $200-$400 (US) below my proposed budget (which is great).

Any advice or comments would be greatly appreciated


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You could spend the remaining money on a 28mm 80 degree ep for the widefield end. Probably better to wait and see how you get on with your current purchases!

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Yup, you'll need a cheshire collimator wotsit.

Why a zoom eyepiece? Never used one myself and never felt the need to on my dob. Keeping things in view is fun and games anyway with a dob what with the instability of it all, the sky moving when viewed at high power, the axis being aligined to alt-az and the slope of the bit of earth you're standing on etc. etc so and so on. Another fiddly thing on top of all that?

Would also recommend a zero-magnifcation finder like Quikfinder, if you're using a RA finderscope. With just a RA viewfinder I find it difficult to really know exactly where my dob is pointing.

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The scope comes with the EZ Finder II RD finder already, but it seems that the general consensus is that a TelRad is better and that it also compliments the RACI, so I may opt for both.

Collimator added to the list, thanks!

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