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Collimating SM127

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Do the objects look nice & sharp while obeserving ? Is a out of focus star showing nice concentric rings ? Usually those maksutovs hold their collimation extremely well, unless they have been knocked or dropped. ? Their usually collimated from the factory.

I had a Skymaz 127 once for about 8months never needed collimation.


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Do as Deneb as, an out of focus star test. Mine did need a tweak when I first got it but was still spot on a year later. They are so easy to do if need be as you can only adjust the three screw on the back plate. I've still got a SM90 and that's never needed doing and came to me by post.

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I've not had my scope long enough or have enough experience yet to advise one way or the other, but reading this thread I remembered a there was a thread on the SkyMax 127 user group about this, there's a link to a PDF there which includes some pictures of what you should see when you defocus as Deneb has said.

Stargazers Lounge - Mak 127 Colllimation Guide PDF

I've got a Celestron 127 which seems to be the same OTA just rebadged and this appears similar (the same picture of the scope) as used in the manual for mine. Having read this I tried defocusing a bright star to check mine just after I bought it to make sure it was ok.


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