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How easy to use dob with goto


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Hi I have a few questions about Dobs as I am a newbie.

1. How easy are dobs to set up , do they have to always be on even ground and is there adjustments to help (like tripod legs)

2. If you have a goto dob would it have to be perfectly even?

Thanks everyone


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Dobs don't have tripod legs - the Dobsonian base is a rocker box on a turntable to which you can mount a large Newtonian ota.

To align a goto dob you get more accurate results when levelled properly. I've mod'ed mine with screw feet for that purpose. :D


Feel free to take a look at my scope album - the goto dob is mostly on the second page:


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Yes - it would seem sensible to at least have the option - but some people use level patios and don't need them - whereas I have to travel to dark sites a lot - inevitably uneven ground :D

That said - it only cost me about £30 to put them on.

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As an alternative you may want to research push-to systems. They are very interesting indeed.

Orion Intelliscope Dobsonian is run by push-to for instance.

Good luck :D

P.S. Forgot to add this video:

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