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What size tube rings for 70mm OTA?

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Hi all,

I've just bought a EQ1 mount for my 70mm refractor, and I need a set of tube rings for the OTA, but I am not sure what size to buy.

Skywatcher have a 90mm set and a 101mm set, so I'm assuming one of these should do, as I have heard that the rings need to be slightly bigger than the size of the tube.

Can anyone please advise?

Kind regards!!


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Measure the diameter of the tube and then select the closest size that is greater than the tube size. You will probably find that the 90mm rings will be the closest size but you will need to add some cork or similar to the inside of the rings to make them fit the smaller tube.


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There are 76mm Skywatcher ones on 365Astro and 74mm ones on the TS site.

Likely need a sheet of felt to pad them out but that would add protection against marking the OTA - A4 felt sheet is 80p at hobbycraft.

Would have expected a WO set for their selection of 72, 71 and 70mm Megrez/Zenithstar's

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