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Thanks Shane that does help,the nagler doesnt come out to bad in the reviews,i am now trying to go down the Televue road but i have to start with used and the best value i can get,i bought a 12mm t2 nag and i love the views with it.

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All of my TV eyepieces apart from my 26mm Nagler were bought used and it's the way most/many get their collection going. I think with the exception of the 24-8mm zoom and the models which give too much of an exit pupil with your kit, you cannot really go wrong with Televue as long as the condition is good etc. I think a 9mm Nagler of any type would match your scopes very well. My 9mm Ortho and my 10mm and 8mm Radians are all very well used in scopes with a similar focal length to your 12" LB.

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I've owned a couple of T1 Naglers - the 4.8mm and 7mm. Their eye relief was tighter than their modern counterparts (the T6's) but they were pretty good eyepieces. The 9mm T1 has a hybrid 1.25" / 2" barrel so will be bulky for a 9mm but I've read positive things about it. They should not be priced at the same level as the T6's though - around £100 for a nice used one I would think reasonable.

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